Threading is an ancient hair removal technique where cotton thread is used in a special method to remove facial hair and shape beautiful eyebrows.

The origin of threading is not completely known though it has been said to originate in Arabian and Persian cultures.  It is now getting exceptional recognition in the Wester World, making it the "HOTTEST TREND" of facial heair removal.

Threading is the safest and the best hair removal technique for the face, simply because it is natural, relatively painless and is suitable for any skin and hair types.  Threading does not cause any skin damage.

Threading works by removing the hair at the root, discomfort is usually momentary but the occurance of prolonged redness after waxing does not occur with threading.   It is not painless, but less painful!

- Skin is not exposed to any chemicals, acids or solutions contained in hair removal creams

- Threading is associated with less wrinkle formation as compared to waxing

- The eyebrow is perfect and precise with a natural arc

Threading creates a more precise shape, removes fine hair, is 100% natural, creates no in-grown hairs, uses no chemicals and is safe for all skin types.

It is natural to be a bit red after the treatment and it normally disappears within an hour.  If this occurs, we will apply a natural Rose Water (a facial toner) on the area which will reduce the redness.  The toner closes the pores and soothes the skin irritation after threading.

Do not apply make up for 45-60 minutes after threading.  Avoid strong heat & friction for the next 24 hours.

Threading is naturally skin friendly, and does not include any chemicals or any type of dye, but it is advised to avoid threading if you have any of the following symptoms:

- Rash, Sunburn, Dermatitis or Inflamed Skin

- Active Cold Sores

- Open Skin Lesions

- A recent skin treatment such as Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels

- Active Acne Lesions